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Wireless Telephone Systems

Wireless Telephone Systems in Dubai

Are your phone systems obsolete and no longer meet your business requirements? You can trust Al Yamin to find the right equipment for your wireless telephone system needs. When you are speaking to suppliers, partners and clients, your business phones just need to work. That's why at Al Yamin, we offer certified and professional grade installation and support on all the systems we sell. We offer a complete range of wireless telecom solutions from Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Grandstream, Cisco, Yealink, Snom, and RTX and may more. Take advantage of our expertise, and we'll help you choose the commercial phone solution that fits your business needs.
DECT phones are cordless phones and widely used for the wireless phone system. Dect Telephone System systems are essential for any business as it gives workspace mobility. It is a type of phone set that allows you to roam in the house or in the office while you talk. Dect phones system consist of a base station and one or multiple DECT phones connected to base without any cable.

Advantages of Cordless Phone

The main advantage of DECT phones is that they are incredibly convenient. No longer are you limited to making calls from just one room. Instead, you can get up to 50 meters range indoors, and 300 meters outside. Plus, with the ability to link up additional handsets, you can always have a phone handy. Each base can support up to six handsets, so you can dot them across your whole house for added convenience. That also makes them ideal for offices- no more passing handsets from desk to desk!
Advanced DECT Phone systems may enhance with the additional base station and repeaters in order increase the coverage as well as handling user capacity. DECT Phones are an important part of those looking for workforce mobility in the workplace. Examples of such customers are large campus, hotels, hospitals, warehouses and even some big offices.

Wireless DECT Phone in UAE

We deal with popular wireless DECT phone brands. That include Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Grandstream, Cisco, Yealink, Snom, and RTX DECT Phones. Our wireless telephone solutions best suited for office, Industrial or Healthcare environments. Our industrial Dect Phones are best suited for workforce operating in highly demanding environments such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and oil & gas. Wireless phone system allows you to roam within a building or across a campus and take with you the high-quality wireless voice communication.
Advantages of DECT Phones
Wireless communications can be integrated into a VoIP network to increase flexibility of use.
DECT devices have the advantage of using their own spectrum. This means that there is NO COMPETITION for the use of precious airwaves between computers and Wi-Fi devices.
Connectivity to phones to take calls anywhere in the premise.
Speaker to allow further handsfree communication.
Power required to operate is considerably less than Wi-Fi. DECT can offer you more talk time!
Taking advantage of DECT can save you money!
Opting for a DECT VoIP solution can save you money. Leading manufacturers such as Aastra, Siemens, Snom, and Polycom all offer great affordable solutions that can cover different types of requirements from enterprise type solutions to residential users. If you have to cover a larger area, there are base stations that offer "roaming" and or "handover".

Why Use DECT Phones?

The main reason for which you want to use a DECT phone is to set free from being pinned on the office table or phone table. Also, you get different points at home or in the office where you can make and receive calls. Another good reason to use DECT phones is intercom, which is why we bought ours in the first place. This allows internal communication at home or in the office. You could place one on one floor and another one on the other.


How far can you be from the base phone and still be talking on a handset? This depends on the range of the DECT phone. The typical range is around 300 meters. High-end phones provide greater distances. However, the ranges displayed by manufacturers are only theoretical. The actual range depends a lot on many factors, including climate, obstacles like walls, and radio interference.

Voice Quality

You will definitely get clear voice quality from high-end and more expensive phones than you do with low-end ones. There are so many parameters that come into play when it comes to sound quality, including the codecs used, the frequency, the hardware used, like the type of microphone, type of speakers. It all finally boils down to the quality that the manufacturer puts into his product.

DECT Phone and VoIP

Can you use your DECT phone with VoIP? You sure can, since VoIP works perfectly well with traditional phones connected to a landline. Your DECT phone does connect to a landline, the only difference being that it extends to one or more handsets. But this will depend on the type of VoIP service you are using.

DECT Phones in UAE

There are two types of DECT phones. Analog DECT Phone and IP DECT Phone. In Analog DECT Phones, the base station connected directly to service provider that is Analog PSTN lines. IP DECT Phones are typically work with as a part of large phone system or IP PBX System. IP DECT Phones having more advance features compared to its analog colleague.
If you are looking for the wireless phone system for your business in UAE, it is best to create wireless systems enriched with the DECT technology. As a good and reliable IP telephony provider in UAE Al Yamin will provide you with the best solution that makes your business stand out.
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Why choose Al Yamin?

Our Wireless Telephone Systems help businesses meet and exceed the service level expectations of their customers while enjoying employee productivity and controlling operational costs. Regardless of whether you possess a large contact center with multiple sites, or are simply just searching for a more effective means of sharing calls amongst an organization, Al Yamin has the solutions you need to manage and grow your business.