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DECT Phones

DECT Phones in Dubai

Most cordless models run on DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology, which uses the 1.9-GHz frequency band, minimizing interference with devices such as ­microwave ovens, which use other frequencies. DECT phones also tend to have relatively long talk times, so you won't run out of juice in the middle of ordering takeout. Some models support up to 12 handsets from one base, and handsets can be used as close-range walkie-talkies in large houses. DECT Phones provide better voice quality than their mobile counterparts, so you can enjoy conversations more.
DECT Telephone System systems are essential for many business as it give work space mobility, examples for such customers are large campus, hotels, hospitals, ware houses and even some big offices. It is a type of phone set that allows you to roam in the house or in the office while you talk. DECT phones are connected to your office telephone system and you can make and receive calls, like desk phone.
A WiFi or DECT phone network consists of a fixed wireless base station attached to the PBX system and number of wireless handsets communicating under the DECT base station. The DECT phones can be operated any where under the DECT base station coverage area. All the deskphone features like conference calls, extension calls, call transfer and call waiting is available in DECT Phones.
There ate two types of DECT phones, Analog DECT Phone and IP DECT Phone System. In Analog DECT Phones, the base station connected directly to service provider Analog PSTN lines whereas IP DECT Phones are typically work with as a part of large phone system or IP PBX System. IP DECT Phones having more advance features compared to its analog colleague. It is possible to expand the telephone network by purchasing additional handsets which are compatible with the base terminal. Connecting extra headsets is very simple; they just need to be connected to the network.
Base Wireless Telephones: Welcomes callers and guides them to the appropriate employee or department.
Wireless IP Phones: Wireless IP Phones are integrated into a same IP network (terminal, communication, and data). Therefore these telephones are directly connected into the internet network.
Digital Wireless Phones For PABX: In some cases, for specific terminals you will need to have a digital wireless telephone for PABX which needs to be from the same manufacturer.
Additional Terminals: Getting additional terminals allows the expansion of the telephone network.
Al Yamin offers high tech installation service for Wireless Phone Systems and DECT Phones in Dubai, UAE as well as best price access in this region. Al Yamin' DECT Phone Wireless telephone systems in Dubai are ideal for any residential, home, office or business searching for an advanced, expandable cordless mobility solution with superior sound quality.
Al Yamin UAE, offers digital Cordless Phones from a range of manufacturers such as Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Grandstream, LG-Ericsson, Cisco, D-Link, Hotek, Unify, Cotel, Yeastar, Samsung, Mitel, Shoretel, Alcatel Lucent, Convox, Yealink & Asterisk custom solutions.

Cordless Phone System Dubai, UAE

With so many different DECT cordless phones on the market these days, Al Yamin help you choosing the right cordless phone system that suits your business. We take the time to understand your needs, explain the options and what this means for you and your business. Al Yamin offers you simplified communications that enhance key business relationships, reduce your communications costs, and improve productivity for you and your coworkers.
Our Wireless Phone System solutions created to be both scalable and function abundant and satisfies the growing needs these days service conditions.We have telephone items to support all the interaction techniques like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless and SIP Procedure. The key reason that you require to use a cordless phone would be to let out from being pinned around the office table or phone table. Also, you receive different points both at home and at the office where one can make calls. A phone call could be transferred from handset or base to another. One other good need to use Cordless DECT phones is intercom, which allows internal communication both at home and at work.

Call Block

With the number of nuisance calls rising rapidly, the capability to block these calls is becoming increasingly important. Nowadays, even relatively basic cordless phone models allow up to fifty numbers to be blocked.


Range is an important issue for any cordless phone. It may be necessary to walk around the home or office without the need to worry about the connection being lost. To overcome this problem, a DECT repeater can be used. This can plug into the mains power line and it will repeat the signal, adding to the range.

Answering Machine

Most cordless phones now include an answering machine. Having the base unit record and store the messages makes it easier to see and to access any messages, but it does add to the size of the unit.

Caller ID

Caller ID is a very useful function - it displays the number or other identification for the incoming call.

Call Transfer & Intercom

With many DECT cordless phones being used in multiple handset ‘ networks’ it is often useful to be able to use the phones as an intercom, or alternatively to use the facility to transfer calls from one handset to another.
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