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Antivirus Solutions

Antivirus Solutions in Dubai

With cyber attacks on the rise, keeping company data as secure as possible is on the mind of all IT managers, CIOs and digital decision-makers across the As per research, it has been found that about 50% of small businesses are in the arms of cyber attack and there is going to be an increase in the count in future.
This might be because many small businesses mistakenly believe that their size makes them a non-target for attackers. However, attackers may specifically target small businesses for this reason because they do not have as impenetrable cyber security measures in place. Therefore, the importance of choosing the right antivirus software should not be underestimated.
Al Yamin provides you a range of virus removal services for different laptops and computers. To be sure if there has been a virus attack, we execute a full scan of the system. When it becomes evident that virus is the reason behind issues, we offer you suitable antivirus solutions.

Antivirus Solutions for Enterprise

Our enterprise antivirus solutions offer security solutions for the entire organization to make it foolproof. A small business of 100 employees also needs an internet security strategy to counter malwares hampering your system. We provide antivirus solutions for your desktop, laptops as well as to secure your smartphone from getting affected by any foreign malware.
Today, with the explosion of mobile markets, business IT infrastructures have never been more complicated, with the addition of tablets and smartphones to the vast array of servers and computers that are already being protected. On top of that, many businesses now support bring-your-own devices which can lead a highly varied infrastructure for businesses and can make it quite difficult to ensure adequate protection across the entire range of devices.
Complete bundled security solution for endpoints and file servers. Email-borne threats blocked at server level. Provides:
Protection against targeted attacks
Protection against ransomware
Prevention of fileless attacks
Protection of email gateway
Remote management

On-premise Management

Our enterprise level solutions is an easy-to-use management console that provides real-time visibility for on- and off- premise endpoints and full reporting on all OSes. All these features are managed from one single pane of glass.
Complete network visibility
Full security management
Flexible reporting
Automated security management

Endpoint Security

Our endpoint protection solutions leverage multi layered technologies in dynamic equilibrium. Our on-premise and off premise solutions constantly balance performance, detection and false positives.

File Server Security

Provides advanced protection to all network file storage, general servers and multi-purpose servers. Ensures servers are stable and conflict-free. Limits restarts and maintenance windows to a minimum to guarantee business continuity.

Mail Security

Mail Security filters out all spam and malware before they reach users' mailboxes. Built using proven antivirus/antispam technology, our Mail Security is a first line of defence complementing the security of your network.

Antivirus Solutions for Business

A virus or a ransomware can affect you in many ways. If the damage is critical, it can lead to data loss and hardware failure too. It is highly essential that after detection of the virus, removal procedures should start immediately. We understand that here, your valuable data and system is at stake. By keeping the credibility, we have become a leading service provider in virus removal industry of Dubai and Sharjah. Following are the areas in which we have expertise.
Virus detection and removal of any virus, spyware, malware, and rootkits.
Repairing any operating system issues and testing for proper functionality.
Performing critical system updates.
Applying system modifications.
Providing tips to help prevent future infections.
PC/Laptop Scan for Virus.
Virus Removal Services in computers.
Security Check and Configuration.
Identification and removal of other malicious files.
Firewall and Security Setting issues.
Browser Setting for various protections.
Popup Blocking for suspicious activities.
Antivirus installation support.
Antivirus Update or Version Upgrade.
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Phone Number

+971 55 890 2526

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