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Desktop Monitoring

Desktop Monitoring in Dubai, UAE

Why do you need remote desktop monitoring software? With the proliferation of teleworking, flex time, and virtual offices, more and more companies have implemented technologies and products to facilitate the modern "work anywhere" paradigm. Until now, however, it has been difficult to track and review metrics about how common telecommuting technologies are being used.
You don't have time to spending valuable IT time investigating these trouble-makers is prohibitive. With Desktop Monitoring you will be able to:
Track user productivity?
Evaluate Terminal Server performance?
Determine the types of applications users are running?
Determine when users are connecting to company systems?
Conduct basic time tracking?
Explore bandwidth utilization used by each remote session?
Do even more Terminal Services reporting?

Computer Monitoring Software in Dubai

Monitor every PC on your Local Area Network. Whether you're monitoring company workstations or university campus network users, catch them in the act.
Desktop Monitoring lets you:
Monitor Without Them Knowing: View their computers in real time – from your own PC.
Track websites visited.
Record their e-mails: End workplace harassment, IP theft and more.
Record keystrokes: See what’s happening as it's happening.
Monitor multiple computers at the same time.
Generate reports and schedule screen captures.
With the right set of desktop monitoring tools, admins can find the answers to important questions associated with keeping desktops, applications and users running. some of the features are

Employee Internet Monitoring

View their web surfing history. Recording of all URLs visited in any browser. SoftActivity even records when a user is browsing in Incognito/InPrivate mode, or clears their web browser history.
Top Websites report by total time spent for every user in your network

Monitor Programs Usage

Monitor programs usage activity in real time. With this feature you know what applications and for how long your users run during the day.
Top Programs report shows in what applications users spend the most time.
Programs usage log with time stamps and screen shots for every user.
Records local and remote sessions, such as RDP, TeamViewer, LogmeIn, etc. on your company’s computers.


If a user breaks company's computer use policy, their supervisor or the admin gets an instant alert notification.
Admin can create alert rules based on visited websites, used applications, files or typed keystrokes.
A set of pre-defined rules is supplied for popular social media, video websites and other unproductive categories, copying of files to USB etc.
Get alerts by email and view policy violations in the web console. Spend less time monitoring users and take action at the right time when it matters.

Track User Attendance

Record attendance of the company’s employees. View all user sessions on their computers with the following information displayed for each session

Log in, log off time and date
Computer and user name
Session duration
Top 5 used programs
Top 5 visited websites
Total number of typed keystrokes
Complete timeline of screen shots
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Phone Number

+971 55 890 2526

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