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Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance Solutions

Home Surveillance Systems

Protect your home with the latest Home Surveillance System including Smart Security Systems and Door and Window Alarms.

Smart Security Cameras

Smart Security cameras are a big part of home security and a natural choice for a smart apartment.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras that let you avoid the hassle of messy wires and fit for your Home or Office interior.

Office Surveillance Systems

We design, supply, install, customize, and support surveillance camera system for an Office, Retail Store, and commercial buildings.

Commercial Surveillance Systems

We are experts at integrating scalable commercial CCTV camera surveillance systems that meet your design and budget.

Vehicle CCTV System

Vehicle CCTV Cameras provide video surveillance footage from in and outside your vehicle.

CCTV Consultant Service

Specialists in CCTV Since 2010. Experienced Consultant in IP Analytic Camera and Surveillance Systems.

CCTV Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for CCTV Surveillance System.

CCTV Servicing

Al Yamin provide Domestic and Commercial CCTV Camera Installation, Servicing, and Maintenance throughout UAE.

Thermal Imaging Camera System

Al Yamin is a pioneer in the Distribution & Integration of Thermal Imaging Camera System in Dubai. Thermal imaging fever screening system used as a first-level mass screening test for accurately identifying body temperature and have a systemic fever.