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Commercial Surveillance Systems

Commercial Surveillance System in Dubai

Every commercial surveillance system is different and will face different challenges along the way. You may be looking to use heat mapping to maximize your retail space or a standalone camera to monitor a single area or a networked multi-camera system to track people and assets across multiple facilities, or a solution to cover your entire hotel complex, Al Yamin has the video security systems to meet your needs. Hotels, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Gas Stations, Retail, and distribution warehouses, Al Yamin has done it all and has the experience to do it right. That's why we provide the highest quality solutions custom tailored to your specific requirements.
A properly designed and implemented security system will save you money in the long run, but poor equipment quality and planning will result in wasted budget and man hours. Ensure safety in the facility while protecting your assets with a commercial video surveillance system. Day or night, the use of cameras and video security systems are a proven deterrent and help you capture and track activity. ​Combine video surveillance with access control for a complete integrated security system.

DPS Approved CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai

Al Yamin delivers tailored solutions that improve customer's ability to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from security incidents – all in compliance with regulatory requirements. Al Yamin is certified by Dubai Police Department of Protective Systems(DPS) to provide technology in surveillance security and the required support. Finding the right solution for your needs is crucial, we provide customized, end-to-end commercial surveillance systems, no matter what industry you're in.

Provide customized CCTV integration for:
  • Airports
  • Banking
  • Hotels
  • City Surveillance
  • Commercial
  • Public Transit
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Stadiums
  • Logistics
  • Critical Infrastructure

Commercial CCTV Solutions

With a strong background in IT accompanied by the experience in providing Physical Security Solutions, Al Yamin can provide the edge in quality of support to your existing CCTV systems and can recommend changes that comply with ever changing requirements from the authorities. We delivers the following solutions.

Project Management

Commercial IP security systems typically use a wide variety of security cameras. Many commercial surveillance systems will use advanced cameras like a PTZ or Fisheye to take the spot of multiple cameras. We have local sales and trained customer engineers located nationwide to handle your commercial video surveillance project from start to finish.

Configuration and Installation Services

Our customer engineers will set up your surveillance system, run all the cables from the cameras to your DVR, make all low voltage electrical and video connections and make sure the cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted correctly. Our customer engineers will program, configure and integrate your video surveillance system to your specifications.

Storage & Back up

Commercial security systems require a large amount of cameras, which in turn requires an appropriately sized Network Video Recorder. Most commercial systems will use our Obsidian, or titanium NVR line. These NVRs are designed for enterprise level networks, and can be installed in server rooms and serve large building complexes.

Structured Cabling

The world of networked connectivity has quickly pervaded the professional security industry. With imaging and networked solutions as proven areas of core expertise, Al Yamin continues to deliver innovative video surveillance and security solutions with more performance and functionality plus all the quality and reliability.

Video Management Solutions

VMS allow you to create custom surveillance solutions for specific industry needs such as combining video with access control or linking video with transaction data.

Intruder Detection

Our Intruder systems range from intruder alarms, control panels and motion sensors through to fully integrated intrusion and door control security installations. You can choose from wired, wireless or hybrid solutions.

Expert Consultation

Make the right choice when choosing a video security system for your business. Our local security experts are specialists who can help find the right solution for your needs..

Dubai Police Certified

Meaning that our Security and Surveillance Installation Company is guaranteed to meet all high industry and regulatory standards for CCTV installation.
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Why Al Yamin?

Al Yamin in UAE provides solution with amazing array of Commercial Surveillance Cameras & Surveillance products that are able to meet any security challenges within the premises. The portfolio of security products we deal with includes Wireless Cameras, IP cameras, PTZ Cameras, Analog Cameras, HDCVI Cameras, Network Video Recorders and Digital Video Recorders of well-known brands. The Solutions we provide cover all the phases, ranging from planning to installation and maintenance with the branded products.