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eSSL Time Attendance Systems

eSSL Time Attendance System in Dubai

eSSL Security is one amongst the leading biometric companies in India and has grown into international territories since inception (2002). With the vision of being a top player on the global scale, eSSL has built in-house expertise to be the vision. Being authorized dealer for ESSL we provide wide range of biometric access control system & attendance system to UAE and nearby region.
Push Data Technology: eSSL biometric models enabled with push data technology, pushes the data from the devices to the centralized server location.This advanced technological implementation is to assist multilocation companies to maintain a centralized server by eliminating the installation of servers at each location by cutting down the cost.
Advanced data Encryption algorithms: With highly reliable algorithms built in-house has enabled end user to move the data pertaining to their employees to the central server securely.The data from the products of eSSL takes an encrypted path to the server to make sure of the data losses and theft.
Integrated Platform: eSSL's integrated platform for major verticals has made a revolution in the electronic security industry. Since many SMB's have an indigent purchase or order management systems, it's highly impossible to integrate two different standalone systems thus leading to maintenance complications.
Considering the factor of integration, eSSL has created a platform to integrate standalone products / system to form an amalgamated solution. This enables any enterprise or an organization to make, maintain and implement integrated and centralized solution.
The Al Yamin is recognized as a technology leader in the security system industry and qualified integrators of eSSL Time Attendance Systems in UAE.

eSSL Time Attendance Machine Dubai, UAE

Safety and security are extremely important to life. Be it office, school or a shop, one always wants to keep track of the people who enter or exit their premises. The Essl Biometric Time Attendance Machine helps you do just that and also keeps a tab on attendance. This advanced biometric system helps you track and record every entry and exit of authorised individuals. The system is battery operated and therefore, will function even during power cuts. Available at Al Yamin, at a reasonable price, this biometric system has a good storage capacity. It has a powerful CPU, clear display, and uses superior technology. The ESSL biometric system also strengthens the security and safety of your premises, whether at office or a shop.
eSSL's Time Attendance System allows organizations to monitor, track, and evaluate their employees Time and attendance records on our highly secured cloud based system. It is considered to the best Biometric machines available in the industry, which takes care of all your needs. Right from capturing attendance data to processing it and generating consolidated reports. Capture attendance through wide array of biometric machines which includes Fingerprint, Face Recognition, RF cards, Pin entry, or through Desktop or Mobile phones.

eSSL Time Attendance Software Dubai, UAE

eSSL has always been emphasizing on the technology when it comes to end customer satisfaction. Blend of unique technologies and products, eSSL’s solutions takes a name as synonymous in the security industry. eSSL's Time Attendance Software is a enterprise grade web based software with robust features to simplify Time & Attendance process. It adapts to any organization's Time & Attendance business needs & helps managers to track employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts.
eSSL offers a powerful cloud-based Time and Attendance solution for organizations to consolidate and streamline their HR department by simplifying HR practices, bringing accuracy, reliability and transparency. eSSL aims to reduce staff workload and improve efficiency with automated time and attendance system.
The accurate results can be easily and accurately reflected on the wage calculation and human resources management. The work hour solution is capable of speedy fingerprint authentication, thereby allowing the entry data to be recorded immediately as it is created without any delay, even during the busy morning rush hour. By computerizing the work hour data generated by the system, the human resources department can improve their work performance.
Automated Workforce Management Systems can use Card, Biometrics (hand, fingerprint, or facial) which employees show or touch to identify themselves and record their working hours as they enter or leave the work area. The recorded information is then ideally automatically transferred to a computer for processing although some systems require an operator to physically transfer data from the clocking point to the computer using a portable memory device. The computer may then be employed to perform all the necessary calculations to generate employee time sheets which are used to calculate the employees wages.

Applications :
Work hour management and calculation of wages and overtimes at corporations and public and government institutions.
Work hour management for part time and full time employees at factories, construction sites, and franchise stores.
Attendance management at schools and universities.
Al Yamin is the leading distributors of eSSL products in Dubai, UAE. Our product range includes complete security products and solutions, fingerprint attendance devices, access controls, access door locks, and networking products.
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