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Thermal Screening Kiosk

Thermal Screening Kiosk Dubai

Al Yamin is a leading provider of innovative Thermal Screening Kiosk solutions in UAE Our products are geared towards making it easier for people to incorporate technology into their everyday lives, but recently we have begun to see our products in a new light. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, everyone is scrambling for solutions to keep as many people safe as possible, and we realized that we have a few solutions within our existing product lines.
In the current scenario where fever detection and sanitization are becoming an essential requirement for the day-to-day well being of all, the D-Kiosk is an automated solution tailored to address this challenge.
Key Features of Thermal Screening Kiosk:

Intelligent Fever Detection
Face Detection
Auto Sanitization
Alert/Information Display
Face Mask/Tissue dispenser and recycle bay.
Auto Spray Sanitizer and Mask/Tissue Dispenser Kiosk in Dubai

Smart Kiosks are intelligent devices to facilitate customers on the basis of various identifying parameters according to customer needs. Intelligent Kiosks are the next step towards improvement of servicing customers and understanding customer needs. Such intelligent and smart kiosks help organizations grow in terms of reaching various markets.
The floor standing kiosk has a 32” Display to notify employees or customers about any relevant content, safety guidelines and offers. The built in thermal camera detects temperature of individual and alerts in case high temperature is detected. The facial recognition camera detects and warns if personnel are not wearing mask and allows to pass after verification. Auto sanitizer provides touchless sanitizer spray for wiping hands. The dispenser unit can accommodate tissue or mask as per customization required for personnel safety. The recycle pit on the side can be used for disposing off mask. Easy maintenance, remote management and portability, ideal for offices, universities, factories, hotels, restaurants, clubs and malls.
Thermal Scanning Kiosk in Dubai

User Management
Facilities Management
Personnel Management
Visitor Management
Badge Production
Thermal Scanning Kiosk can be used to help diagnose, screen, control in's & out's, track, interview potential patients, and we see them as a great solution for hospitals, public places, and businesses. State-of-the-art technology with face recognition, sensors, biologically and temperature gauges.
An important indicator for an infection is increased body temperature (compared to other people in the immediate surroundings), generally known as fever. Thermography is the ideal method for scanning not just individuals, but also large flows of people. To do this, the temperature at the inner corner of the eye is measured, and an alarm triggered if it deviates. This allows persons with increased body temperature to be identified quickly and reliably, and to be isolated for more exact testing.
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