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Footfall System

Key Benefits of People Counting Systems

Boost sales productivity and identify conversion rate profiles and patterns.
Improve performance by identifying weaker performing stores and implementing training programs.
Boost ROI by monitoring the success of marketing campaigns.
Gain a deeper insight by reviewing changes in sales volumes and the consequences of fluctuating footfall levels.
Make instant operational changes with real time traffic data to boost conversion.
Instant access to accurate and reliable data for confident decision making.

Footfall Device in Dubai

People counting, or footfall, plays a big role in providing the insight required to create that positive retail customer experience, from expert management of scheduling, to optimizing store performance and assessing the impact of marketing campaigns. People counting and footfall counters come in a number of different shapes and sizes.
Thermal people counters.
Stereo people counters
Mono people counters
Gain a deeper insight
Time of Flight people counters
Infrared (IR) people counters
Infrared people counters can work well but they vary widely in the nature of their effectiveness, largely due to the quality of implementation and the ongoing management which, to remain accurate, tends to be higher than the new generations such as thermal, stereo or Time of Flight, all of which now add remote support capabilities.
An advanced range of stereo technology allows not just entry and exit counting, but also accurate measurement of the number of customer's and customer dwell time within a defined zone, as well as the ability to path track through the entirety of a customer journey. The devices collect entries and exits in real time, collating accurate insight into customer volumes that is adaptable to a wide range of environments. Stereo data is reliable using the same approach as our own eyes to understand depth in a field of view. This allows the device to exclude items by height, for example children or objects such as pushchairs.

Footfall Counting Systems Dubai, UAE

We've been leaders in people counting technology Since 2010 and our experience and solutions have helped organisations across the retail, public, education and transport sectors. We offer a range of footfall counters from cost effective beam counters to sophisticated overhead thermal and video systems, backed up with our software and reporting to offer powerful insights for our customers.
People counting technology forms the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, including retail analytics, queue management, building management and security applications. To make effective business decisions, you need good intelligence - and that's what footfall counters provide. Accurate and repeatable footfall measurements allows you to:
Calculate your store's conversion ratio
Compare store performance across a worldwide network
Calculate your footfall patterns
Optimise your building layout and staffing levels
Improve customer service
Al Yamin offer a flexible range of cost-effective Footfall Counting Systems to meet the footfall data needs of businesses across multiple sectors in UAE. Our hardware and software reporting options are perfect for most sites which need to monitor visitor numbers, or manage space use. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.

People Counting System

Footfall & People Counting Solution for retail stores, malls, theaters, and buildings with accurate 2D and 3D Stereo Vision Sensors for a better understanding of shopper traffic, behavior and conversions.

Shopper Traffic

Shopper traffic counts are critical for optimizing store operations and shopper service and thereby maximize sales conversion rates.