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Data Storage Solutions

Data Storage Solutions in Dubai

We know that your data is at the heart of your business. New demands for information and data, escalating IT management costs, and a real shortage of skills are all driving the need for a more efficient data storage infrastructure. Al Yamin team of experts can assist you in making sure that your data infrastructure is easily accessed, managed, and protected. Through our strategic partners, we can provide your company with the best of breed enterprise data storage solutions. We provide storage area network(SAN) and Network Attached Storage(NAS) solutions and management.
We understand that companies today need to:
Address the rapidly escalating data storage costs that stem from growth in data and information storage requirements.
Address the need for shorter backup time frames and more immediate access to data.
Consolidate heterogeneous data storage environments and centralize storage management.
Develop and implement disaster recovery plans.
Meet regulatory and security requirements for encryption and data protection.

SAN Backup Solutions in Dubai

A storage area network(SAN) provides a highly available and a highly scalable solution to storage management. A SAN can universally connect your storage devices, servers, and computers and is ideal for enterprise businesses with high performance demands. With fiber channel connectivity, SAN offers an extremely high and dynamic data storage capacity that can meet your growing storage needs and application demands.
Benefits of Enterprise Storage Area Network:
Eliminate the need for multiple servers to store large amounts of data.
Centralized Data Management.
Reliable Data Backup and Management.

NAS Backup Solutions in Dubai

A network attached storage(NAS) is a centralized dedicated file storage hardware that is interconnected through the local area network. Users have easier and quicker access to data from any device connected to the network. A NAS system can be optimized to your business work flow to support growth and allows your business to dynamically add more storage based on your needs by simply adding in an expansion unit.
Benefits of Enterprise Network Attached Storage:
Easily add capacity as you need it.
Access files from any device that is connected to the network.
Ease of use.

Enterprise Server and Storage Solutions in Dubai, UAE

At Al Yamin we have a proven track record of helping our clients find data storage solutions to these challenges that fit both their unique environments as well as their budgets. Whether you require a SAN, a NAS, or a combination of both. We have years of experience providing our clients the best of breed solutions and we'll find the best infrastructure for you needs.
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